Do I Only Enjoy Traveling?


You might be thinking wow this girl needs to stop talking about traveling, she’s addicted! Well yes, I am! But I do have so many other interests that I can do every day, which I’m sure many others you would enjoy too. 


I adore reading but I am a person who enjoys the classics more than the newer stuff. I much rather pick up a Jane Austin book than a Twilight novel just because I love how much more romantically it’s written and how the words have proper fluidity and meaning. There is nothing quite like sitting down from a busy day picking up a book and reading for hours on end until your eyes get too tired! I think there is something quite calming about slowing down the world and sinking your nose into a gripping book. 

Indian Food: 

Eating Indian food is my favorite thing in the world! My friends and family always get so bored of me constantly ordering Indian food without them knowing because I knew if I asked they would say no! When I was in India I went and spoke with local people (with the help of a translator) to gain knowledge of how to make the most authentic Indian food. Now I can barely cook so I am by no means making food as good as they can but I hope I’m definitely better than I was before I got this knowledge. 

Horse Riding: 

At our old B&B, there were a couple of horses called “striker” and “Blue” and I used to ride on them almost every day after school! They were gorgeous and although I got some nasty bruises from falling off them many many times, I still enjoyed every moment of being out in that field and trotting along with my very own horse. Also, have you seen how cute they are when you feed them something and their mouth just brushes your hands!