About Tahlia

— All About Tahlia —


As you may have already seen, I’m Tahlia Grundy, a Wisconsin girl who has the thrill of adventure and travel. I spent a large majority of my 20s traveling around Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and so many other places! I was barely at home because I was constantly on the road. As a result of this many of my friends live around the world (which means that I always have a place to crash if I do desire to spontaneously jet off on a plane!). Now I was not traveling for no reason my job as a travel journalist really meant that I got paid to see most of these amazing places across the world, this just makes me one of the luckiest people on Earth in my opinion! However if I have startled you do not worry this blog is not for the pro-travelers or for people who can fly across the world at a moments notice, it is simply a guide to traveling so that you are able to see what places you would like to see for yourself… after all, there is so much out there to explore.  I have a wide variety of topics I will be discussing so have a little look and get adventuring! 


—- About Blue Moon B&B —


There are sentimental reasons behind the name of my site where it was basically the place I grew up. When I was little my parents owned a B&B by the same name and we lived in one of the little rooms downstairs. We had so many guests from all over the world staying in our B&B every week and I thought it was absolutely amazing. My experience growing up is what led me to become such a travel fanatic and go visit the places and countries of people who had stayed in our B&B and the life I have had has not disappointed me. Without travel, I would simply not be me, but since I am coming to the mid-30s I have decided to try and settle in one place and leave the traveling for vacations so I can spend more time with my family and friends from back home. Regardless traveling will always be coursing through me and whilst I’m not traveling this blog will be the perfect antidote to my traveling blues!